Rural areas across South Africa are the scenes of battles for control of land.Picture: Reuters

JOHANNESBURG - Rural South Africa is expected to get an economic shake-up following the launch of the United Royal Kingships Holding (URKH) in Melrose Arch, Joburg on Friday. 

The URKH is the brainchild of the country’s 829 traditional leaders who aim to leverage the natural and cultural resource base of kingdoms, kingships and royal communities in a bid to create investment opportunities. 

His Royal Highness Ikosi Sipho Mahlangu said on Friday that the company aimed to uplift 25million residents in rural South Africa through investments in industries ranging from property to financial services. It planned to approach big business that was already operating in rural areas on ways to partner with locals. 

“Where there are shopping malls, as the foundation we will engage with companies to ensure contracts benefit people in the rural areas,” he said.