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CAPE TOWN - According to Statistics South Africa's (StatsSA's) General Household Survey of 2017, only 17 in 100 South African's have medical insurance. 

Government then has to provide medical assistance to over 45 million individuals who do not have medical cover. 

Take a look at which province government spends the most on medical expenditure. 

StatsSA revealed that the Northern Cape spent the most on healthcare for the 2015/2016 year at R4 082 per person. The Western Cape ranked in second for spending on average of R3 332 per person. 

The Free State comes in third by spending R3 723, Kwa-Zulu Natal spends R3 527 per person, the Gauteng Province spends R3 523 and the Eastern Cape spends R3 046 per person. 

Notably, the Limpopo, North West and Mpumalanga Province all spend below R3 000 on healthcare per person. 

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         Picture: Provincial government spending on healthcare per person. (Stats SA). 

Meanwhile, healthcare plans have been unaffected by tax hikes in the 2018 budget speech. 

The current medical aid tax credits are only safe for now but this may change in the long run. 

Business Tech provides the cheapest and most expensive medical aid schemes, using data from Informed Healthcare Solutions (IHS) medical aid data portal. 

Below is a list of the cheapest medical aid plans across 5 categories: hospital plans, hospital plans with savings, day-to-day cover, GP networks plans, and comprehensive coverage.

Hospital plans

Plan                                                  Cost for principle member

Discovery KeyCare Core                  R792 – R1 525

Discovery Essential Smart                  R1 180

Momentum Custom Option 1                  R1 366

Discovery Essential Delta Core               R1 417

FedHealth EntryZone                         R1 424

Bonitas BonEssential                         R1 604

Discovery Coastal Core                         R1 610

Discovery Classic Smart                         R1 647

Resolution Health Hospital Plan             R1 720

MediHelp Dimension Prime 1                 R1 728

Discovery Essential Core                 R1 773

Momentum Custom Option 2                 R1 885

FedHealth Maxima Core                         R2 082

Discovery Classic Core                         R2 064

Hospital Plan with Savings

These plans are the same as the above, but provide members with a limited savings account for day-to-day use.

Plan                                                    Cost for principle member

MediHelp Unify                                    R2 088

Discovery Coastal Saver                            R2 160

Discovery Essential Saver                    R2 203

Discovery Delta Saver                           R2 214

MedHelp Dimension Prime 2                   R2 310

Bonitas BonSave                                   R2 304

Discovery Classic Saver                           R2 773

MediShield MediSaver                           R2 850

FedHealth Maxima Standard                   R3 310

Momentum Extender Option 1                  R4 129

Resolution Health Millenium                   R4 660

Momentum Extender Option 2                  R5 113

Hospital Plans with Day to Day Cover

These plans are the same as the above, but come with annual limits for day-to-day use, which fall away and are renewed at the end of each year.

Plan                                                    Cost for principle member

MediShield MediValue                            R1 680

Momentum Incentive Option 1                   R1 834

Bonitas Primary                                    R2 076

FedHealth Maxima Saver                    R2 259

Resolution Health Progressive Flex           R2 365

FedHealth Maxima Basis                    R2 722

Momentum Incentive Option 2            R2 737

MediShield MediPlus                            R2 817

MediHelp Dimension Prime 3             R2 940

Bonitas Standard                                    R3 265

GP Network Plan

These plans are designed for younger members entering the market for the first time. 

Plan                                                      Cost for principle member

Momentum Ingwe                                       R759 – R1 90

Discovery KeyCare Access                       R697 – R2 018

Discovery KeyCare Plus                               R990 – R2 064

MediHelp Necesse                                       R474 – R2 076

Comprehensive Medical Aid

These are the top-tier schemes that typically have unlimited hospital cover, and comprehensive day-to-day benefits.

Plan                                                         Cost for principle member

Discovery Classic Priority                          R3 214

FedHealth Maxima Standard                          R3 310

Discovery Essential Comprehensive               R4 102

MediHelp Dimension Elite                         R4 272

Discovery Classic Delta Comprehensive        R4 398

FedHealth Maxima Exec                                 R4 805

Discovery Classic Comprehensive                 R4 882

Bonitas Bon Comprehensive                         R5 774

Discovery Executive                                 R5 950

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