The prices of Easter eggs is very costly compared to what they used to cost. Photo: Facebook
DURBAN - A 2016 Herald Live story about the fluctuating chocolate prices showed that the prices of Easter eggs ranged from between R35 for white chocolate eggs to R80 for the marshmallow Easter egg at some stores in South Africa.

But it's not only the price of the marshmallow egg that has increased but other Easter products like the hollow chocolate bunny or the white-coated hollow chocolate egg have also increased too. Previously the white-coated egg from Beacon would cost about R33 now the same box costs about R36.

The price of marshmallow Easter eggs has also increased tremendously over the past few years. In 2016 the price of a 200g chocolate bunny at Checkers cost R55 and now the same bunny costs R60.

Here is a list that shows the price of Beacon marshmallow Easter eggs at four different retail stores in 2018 (these are the store's sales prices):

Pick 'n Pay: R60,90 for 48
Makro: R64,00 for 48
Checkers: R69,99 for 48
Shoprite: R69,99 for 48

Comparing the prices of the eggs in that article and the prices of Easter eggs today shows that the those who want to buy Easter eggs will be spending about R5 more than what they used to spend earlier, it just depends on the product.

Beacon is a brand of fast moving consumer goods company Tiger Brands. Tiger Brand's media relations said that they would not be able to answer questions about their pricing because of the competitive nature of the questions but did give an official response.

They said "Our pricing models are competitor sensitive and unfortunately cannot be shared externally. Tiger Brands, however, actively manages input cost factors including raw materials, electricity and water to ensure that we provide high-quality chocolates at affordable prices to our customers.".

Here are some Twitter responses about the price of Beacon Easter eggs. .

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