The Infrastructure Africa Business Forum 2018 announced the launch of its new business matchmaking and networking platform DealRoom. Photo: Kacper Pempel/Reuters

CAPE TOWN - The Infrastructure Africa Business Forum 2018 announced the launch of its new business matchmaking and networking platform DealRoom, where various countries around Africa will engage in project presentation, demonstrating the latest opportunities presented by the field of project development.

The Infrastructure Africa Business Forum, in a statement on Tuesday, said the initiative served to assist all participants and members of the infrastructure community in fostering valuable stakeholder liaisons with financiers and business partners who are in search of projects to invest in.

Infrastructure Africa said: "By making use of the DealRoom platform, participants can reap the maximum benefits of attending the conference and effectively manage their time through the availability of tools such as reserving meetings with relevant stakeholders from the infrastructure community, along with customising their on-site agenda. "

Infrastructure Africa Managing Director, Liz Hart said: "Supporting the DealRoom will be Strategic Advisors engaged by the Business Forum to ensure the opportunity to do business is foremost on the agenda. In addition, hosting the Project Owners from various African Countries who are pitching projects brings added scope and potential for business to be concluded at Infrastructure Africa. Our aim is that our participants come to learn, network and do business."

According to the organisers, the Infrastructure Africa Business Forum is expected to render a positive impact on the infrastructure community by enabling attendees to identify significant participants, speakers, financiers, influencers and leaders, which will give them the means to not only survive but prosper in the highly competitive sector.

The annual conference brings together 400 infrastructure business leaders and investors and has demonstrated invaluable initiatives in fostering significant business relationships and exploring challenges and opportunities to promote innovation in infrastructure operations, which has made it a leading infrastructure-focused event.

"Attending this conference is a unique opportunity, providing anyone vested in the infrastructure sector with the understanding, knowledge sharing as well as insight into the latest industry trend," Infrastructure Africa said.

- African News Agency (ANA)