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CAPE TOWN - Businesses are constantly coming up with more ways to earn money. 

This is evident when consumers need to start paying for things that they never use to pay for as it was free. 

Here is a list of things that use to be free, that you are paying for now: 

1. Airline extras

Depending on what airline you use to travel, you tend to pay for many services and amenities that used to be free. 

Things you pay for include checking a bag, carrying on a bag, onboard snacks, beverages, meals, seat selection and more. 

Prices vary from: 

Snacks such as chips, chocolate, and sweets can cost between R10- R25.

Hot beverages cost between R15 - R20.

Cold beverages cost between R15 - R20.

Alcohol cost between R20- R45. 

Food such as sandwiches can cost up to R35

2. Water in restaurants

When going to a restaurant whether it be simple as Mcdonals or up to class such as Tigers Milk, Bottled water has a price. 

Bottles of still water can cost between R11- R20 for a 250 ml bottle and R38 for a 750 ml. 

However, certain restaurants do offer free tap water, if you want to save a bit of extra money. 

3. Hotel amenities

When going on holiday or booking a hotel, it would be in your best interest to check if the hotel is going to charge extra for their amenities. 

These amenities could include a fee for cleaning your room, using the gym, swimming in the pool etc. 

However, it depends on the rating of the hotel you are booking. 

4 to 5-star hotels include these fees in your overall cost, whereas 2 to 3-star hotels tend to have these as additional costs. 

4. Food delivery

Delivery costs for food can vary depending on the services each eatery uses.

For instance, Debonairs has their own food delivery service that is free of cost and you as the diner can decide whether or not you'd like to tip the driver. 

However, they do asks that you at least spend more than R50 before they deliver and you need to stay within a 5km radius of the restaurant.

Third-party services and apps such as UberEats tend to charge both diners and restaurants for food delivery. 

5. Plastic bags

When doing your grocery shopping at Pick n Pay or even at a local tuckshop in your area, you could pay up to 50cents or R1 per plastic bag. 

However, many stores have come up with simple solutions to stop the increase of plastic waste by creating environmentally friendly shopping bags. 

These are a once-off payment of R30 per bag and you can re-use them every time you go shopping. 

6. Banking

No matter what type of account you have there are always extra charges on any service used when banking.

These charges include service fees, overdraft fees, and ATM fees.

Here is your banking fees for 2018:

Absa Gold Cheque Account2017 FeesR500 transaction in 20172018 FeesR500 transaction in 2018% Change from 2017 to 2018
Withdrawal (Native)R3.95 + R1.35/R100R10.70R4.50 + R1.40/R100R11.50+7.5%
Withdrawal (Other)R9.95 + R1.35/R100R16.70R10.50 + R1.40/R100R17.50+4.8%
Withdrawal (POS)R3.95R3.95R4.50R4.50+13.9%
Deposit (ATM)R3.95 + R1.35/R100R10.70R4.50 + R1.40/R100R11.50+7.5%
Debit order (internal)FreeFree
Debit order (external)R16.95R18.00+6.2%
Account fee (PAYT)R42.00R45.00+7.1%
Absa’s full 2018 pricing can be found here.
Standard Bank
Standard Bank Elite Account2017 FeesR500 transaction in 20172018 FeesR500 transaction in 2018% Change from 2017 to 2018
Withdrawal (Native)R1.80 per R100R9.00R1.80 per R100R9.00
Withdrawal (Other)R6.70 + R1.80 per R100R15.70R8.00 + R1.80 per R100R17.00+8.3%
Withdrawal (POS)R1.80R1.80R1.80R1.80
Deposit (ATM)R1.80 per R100R9.00R1.80 per R100R9.00
Debit order (internal)R4.50R4.50
Debit order (external)R16.00R16.50+3.1%
Account fee (PAYT)R55.00R60.00+9.1%
Standard Bank’s full 2018 pricing can be found here.
Nedbank Savvy Account2017 FeesR500 transaction in 20172018 FeesR500 transaction in 2018% Change from 2017 to 2018
Withdrawal (Native)R4.50 + R1.40/R100R11.50R5.00 + R1.50/R100R12.50+8.7%
Withdrawal (Other)R11.50 + R1.40/R100R18.50R12.50 + R1.50/R100R20.00+8.1%
Withdrawal (POS)FreeFreeFreeFree
Deposit (Intelligent depositor ATM)R5.50 + R0.70/R100R9.00R1.00/R100R5.00-44.4%
Debit order (internal)FreeFree
Debit order (external)FreeFree
Account feeR100.00R106.00+6.0%
The full 2018 pricing for Nedbank’s Savvy Plus can be found here.
Capitec Global One2016/17 FeesR500 transaction in 2016/172017/18 FeesR500 transaction in 2017/18% Change from 2016/17 to 2017/18
Withdrawal (Native)R5.50R5.50R6.00R6.00+9.1%
Withdrawal (Other)R8.50R8.50R8.50R8.500.0%
Withdrawal (POS)R1.30R1.30R1.50R1.50+15.4%
Deposit (ATM)80c /R100R4.0090c per R100R4.50+12.5%
Account fee (PAYT)R5.25R5.50+4.8%
You can review Capitec’s full 2017/18 pricing here.
FNB Gold only offers the bundled account option. Withdrawals and [email protected] transaction fees come into effect after a combined R5,000 limit has been reached. Cash deposit fees come into effect after a R5,000 limit has been reached.
FNB Gold Cheque Account2016/17 FeesR500 transaction in 2016/172017/18 FeesR500 transaction in% Change from 2015/16 to 2016/17
Withdrawal (Native)R1.85/R100R9.25R1.85/R100R9.250.0%
Withdrawal (Other)R7.00 + R1.85/R100R16.25R8.00 + R1.85/R100R17.25+6.2%
Withdrawal (POS)FreeFreeR1.40R1.40
Deposit (ATM)R0.80 per R100R4.00R0.90 per R100R4.50+12.5%
Debit order (internal)FreeFree
Debit order (external)FreeFree
Account feeR100.00R105.00+5.0%

7. Online newspapers/ magazines 

Currently, many digital outlets have started charging an online subscription fee for full access to their content as a way to earn money for advertising revenues.

Newspapers such as Business Live,  The New York Times, the Washington Post,” and the “Los Angeles Times etc. 

Subscription fees can cost between R30 to R250 depending on whether or not you are paying for one issue, a monthly subscription or if you're paying for a full year.  

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