In partnership with Nedbank, Karri, a platform used for school payments, has introduced a mobile payment app that offers a simple alternative to children bringing cash to school. Photo: Jacques Naude/African News Agency (ANA)

JOHANNESBURG – With large amounts of cash and very little security, schools are now becoming an easy target for criminals. 

Numerous schools across the country have already been raided with several serious incidents and even fatalities. 

In May 2019 a 58-year-old Grade VIII teacher was suspended from at Crystal Park High School in Benoni after nyaope was allegedly found in his bag during a police raid.

The need for parents to act swiftly to ensure the safety of their children by forcing schools to adopt a cash-free policy is a no brainer.

In partnership with Nedbank, Karri, a platform used for school payments, has introduced a mobile payment app to address this growing problem. The app enables parents to send money securely to their child’s school at the click of a button. 

The app offers a simple alternative to children bringing cash to school by allowing parents to make payments via an app on their smartphone. It is free for parents to use and there are no hidden costs or sign-up fees for the school.

Karri’s chief executive (CEO) Doug Hoernle said a cashless future should be pursued. “With little to no security in schools, having large amounts of cash on school premises is a constant worry for everyone. It is scary to think that this could make your school an easy target for criminals and the thought of your child being caught up in a school robbery is a truly frightening one.”

Hoernle said cash in schools should be completely eradicated and done so with a sense of urgency. “The reality is that there are still schools asking parents to send their children to school with cash for events and collections. Why are they still sending children to school with cash, surely with the rising number of school robberies in South Africa, it is now time to change.”

A cashless environment also tends to discourage drug dealing and other illicit dealings because such deals are largely carried out using cash.

There are already hundreds of schools countrywide that are using Karri successfully, with most now refusing to accept cash payments from parents. 

The Karri app, launched in April 2017, has grown to about 600 South African schools driven by parent and teacher demand for a solution to school payments. Due to the success of this collections platform, Karri has expanded its offering to include collections for just about any purpose or organisation that wants to collect from its members.

The app is directed at parents, teachers, and schools, and aims to alleviate the inconveniences of paying for all types of school activities and other fundraising efforts. 

For schools, using this app will help eliminate collecting, counting, and banking cash. It also reduces the time spent on administrative tasks by teachers and allows for an overview of all funds being transacted for all events throughout the year.

With a system like Karri, there is absolutely no reason for schools to have cash on-site at any point. The app offers a fully comprehensive financial management system with a user-friendly dashboard where teachers can create events and collections with ease, monitor payments and consolidate collections.

With Karri, creating a cash-free environment is simple and it also creates a safer environment for teachers and students alike.