PRETORIA Portland Cement (PPC) is planning to lodge a cement dumping complaint with the International Trade Administration Commission.

Paul Stuiver, the listed cement and lime producer’s chief executive, said this week that there was growing concern about the price at which some of the imported cement was being sold in South Africa


He described the selling price as “highly questionable” and said it raised questions about whether it was being dumped on the South African market.

Stuiver said PPC was collecting information for a complaint but this would take time and the complaint would not be lodged before next year.

He claimed some of the cement being imported into South Africa was being sold “into ship” at a port designated for export at a much lower price than it was sold in the domestic market of the country of origin.

Stuiver said cement imported into South Africa was being manufactured using subsidised electricity and fuel for transportation to the ports for export.

“The complaints about imported cement are a mixture of dumping, inferior quality or underweight cement. It is being imported from either Pakistan or India and lately from Vietnam,” he said. – Roy Cokayne