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Public-sector Capex continues to fall, decreases by 8,2% - StatsSA

By Brenda Masilela Time of article published Nov 1, 2019

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PRETORIA - Statistics South Africa has said that the total Capital Expenditure (Capex) by public sector institutions decreased by 8 percent (R22 billion), from R272 billion in 2017 to R250 billion in 2018. 

Although at a declining rate, public corporations recorded the highest public sector Capex for 2018 at R111 billion compared to R127 billion in 2017. This was followed by a 4 percent decline by municipalities, from R62 billion in 2017 to R60 billion in 2018. 

Capital Expenditure is money that institutions spend to buy, maintain or upgrade fixed assets such as buildings, vehicles, land and equipment. It is the brick and mortar type of investment that forms the backbone on which the economy functions.

StatsSA's latest figures further indicated that provincial government Capex increased to R35 billion in 2018 from R34 billion in 2017, recording an increase of 2 percent, while extra-budgetary accounts declined by 13 5 percent, recording a total of R23 billion in 2018 from R27 billion in 2017.

Government Capex declined by 5 percent (from R16 billion in 2017 to R15 billion in 2018) while the Capex for higher education institutions remained more or less steady at R6 billion.

"When looking at  Capex by the type of key assets category, the results show that increases were recorded for land and existing buildings from R18 billion in 2017 to R21 billion in 2018 and transport equipment from R6 billion in 2017 to R7 billion in 2018.

"Decreases were recorded for capital expenditure on new construction works from R182 billion in 2017 to R161 billion in 2018, ‘other fixed assets’ from R10 billion to R6 billion, plant, machinery and equipment from R52 billion to R51 billion and leased assets and investment property remained steady at approximately R4 billion."

African News Agency (ANA)

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