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CAPE TOWN - Having privacy over your calls is something that more and more tech savvy people keep looking for. Truecaller seems to be a leader in this industry. 

Truecaller, an app launched by Swedish company, True Software Scandinavia AB in 2009, allows users to block unwanted calls. 

Created with the intention to block spam and telemarketing calls, it allows on-hand privacy. 

As the name suggests, it also tells you the name of the caller, even if you do not have the caller’s number in your phone book. 

The added feature is that you can not only block spam calls but spam SMS’s too. 

The app also you to scan numbers directly from the Truecaller app which can save you time of typing in a number and getting the digits wrong. 

                      Picture: Truecaller icon. (Twitter). 

How call blocking on Truecaller works:

- Open Google Play Store or Apple Store

- Search for: Truecaller

- Download the app

- When the download is complete, open the app

- The app will then ask you to register your phone number

- A confirmation code will be sent to your phone number

- Then you will be asked to create a profile by filling in your details

- Once that is complete, Truecaller will then request access to your contacts

- All calls will then be tracked by Truecaller and you will be able to block spam calls


Other apps that can block unwanted calls:

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Picture: Call Blocker - Blacklist, SMS Blocker. (Google Play store). 

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