With Fedgroup's Impact Farming people can earn a monthly income by investing as little as R300. Photo: Facebook
DURBAN - Impact Farming from Fedgroup is giving people the opportunity to have their own side hustle from as little as R300. 

Impact Farming is a crowd-farming initiative that allows asset owners to generate an income from selected agricultural products and renewable energy. 

Currently, the assets that people can invest include blueberry bushes, beehives where sustainable honey is produced and urban solar farms that generate electricity. A regular income based on the production of the assets can be earned. 

An added benefit of investing in beehives is that there will be an increase in the production of local honey through the addition of more than 500 beehives to South Africa's bee population. 

In order to start an investment with Impact Farming people will need to download the Fedgroup app. They would then choose the asset or mix of assets that want to invest in and begin by buying for as little as R300. 

Included in the purchase price is the insurance, maintenance, harvest and sale of the produce. 

Grant Field, the chief executive of Fedgroup said: "We believe that Impact Farming will create additional revenue streams for our asset owners and play a meaningful role in the growth of the agricultural and renewable energy sector".

Investors can expect increased returns over time that are in line with inflation or increases in the price of energy. Solar panel owners will have a monthly income while blueberry and beehives can expect an income twice a year after the harvest. 

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