CAPE TOWN - Newly elected President Cyril Ramaphosa gave business leaders some insight on his new vision for the country, at his annual Presidential Golf prize-giving gala last night at the Century City Conference Center. 

At the event, Ramaphosa emphasised that his new South Africa will be very different to the Zuma error. 

One of the main points he raised was that the looting of state enterprises and the mismanagement within these parastatals will be a thing of the past. 

"The stealing of money is a thing of the past and is behind us", Ramaphosa said. 

The ANC leader also wanted to assure South Africans that the 2018 budget will lead South Africa into a new better financial standing. Down-gradings will be a thing of the past. It is important that South Africa's economy is given the recognition it deserves.



The main priority for the new president is creating millions of new jobs, not only in one sector but rather in a number of sectors. Ramaphosa believes that this mammoth task is possible if South Africans, including government and big business work together. 


His role as the president will be to ask his ministers and his cabinet "how many jobs they created this week". This is perhaps one of the first times that a South African president will actively take ministers to task over job creation. 

The president made it very clear that he will not just sit in his office, but plans to focus on woman, young people and the marginalised like disabled people. 

Ramaphosa also acknowledged the legacy of former President Jacob Zuma. He wanted to make it very clear that Zuma's work in pushing anti-retroviral treatment saved millions of lives. "Our people were dying like flies and President Zuma stopped that," he emphasised. 

Zuma's work with the National Development fund was also praised by the president.