The Datson Go. File Image
CAPE TOWN - The annual Kinsey Report has announced that the Datsun Go will be named South Africa’s most affordable car. 

This is the third time that the car has been named the winner. 

The Kinsey Report is a comprehensive evaluation of the everyday car costs that are available locally. 

The research report looked at a number of issues including price, parts for specific cars and their prices. The report surveyed 69 vehicles across nine segments during July 2017.

One of the most important thing the report looks at is the price of car parts, as this effects your premium on insurance and the cost to fix your vehicle. 

According to a number of news portals the Kinsey Report is a reliable avenue to determine the true cost of owning a specific car and has become a yardstick for surveying the price of parts for your vehicle in SA.

The Datsun Go was named the best overall in the service, repair and crash parts sections.