CAPE TOWN Trade union Solidarity on Thursday said its members had accepted power utility Eskom's wage offer.

In a statement, the union said "it would now do everything within its power to stabilise the power grid", after members indicated they would accept an offer of a 7.5 percent wage increase for this year, seven percent for the next two years, a once-off payment of R5,000 to workers as well as an increase in the housing allowance equal to CPI.

"Given the current circumstances, it is a very fair offer. For all our members across South Africa the right thing to do now would be to help prevent the economy from being hampered by an unreliable power supply," said Dirk Hermann, Solidarity chief executive.

Eskom power supply has been constrained this past week, following wildcat strikes by employees at its power plant, which have also seen acts of sabotage, according to the power utility. Solidarity condemned the sabotage and what it called the intimidation of workers.

The issue of performance bonusses, which led to the wildcat strikes had not been resolved, but hermann said this would be dealt with in a different forum.

"It is hard to expect employees to accept that no bonuses will be paid when individuals at Eskom have enriched themselves unlawfully without there being any consequences for their actions."

- African News Agency (ANA)