Picture: Bhekikhaya Mabaso
CAPE TOWN - Eskom on Friday said that it has dismissed the head of legal and compliance, Suzanne Daniels, after a disciplinary hearing found her guilty of serious misconduct. 

Daniels was facing four charges of misconduct, and these included distributing confidential Eskom proprietary interest to a third party, her involvement in the McKinsey and Trillian transactions and her involvement in the Tegeta transaction. 

Eskom said the disciplinary hearing, chaired by Nazir Cassim, recommended Daniels be summarily dismissed. 

“Cassim found that Daniels had committed serious misconduct and also breached her duty of good faith and a duty of trust and confidence to Eskom and recommended a summary dismissal,” Eskom said. 

The utility said it had sent Daniels, who was placed on suspension with full pay by the new board and management on March 16, 2018, a letter confirming her dismissal. “Eskom must evaluate the role of service providers to understand the culpability on the part of such professionals,” said Cassim.