Avedia energy's managing director Atose Aguele

CAPE TOWN - Avedia energy's managing director Atose Aguele sat down with Business Report's Vernon Pillay, to discuss LPG energy in SA and his facility in Saldanha Bay. 

Avedia Energy was established in 2007 as a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) company and currently operates a bulk import and handling facility in Saldanha Bay, as well as a bottling plant in Airport Industria, Cape Town.

The Avedia Energy Import and handling facility was commissioned in August 2017 and is currently supplying the LPG market with product.

The facility will be one of the key LPG infrastructure sites which will enable the growth of the LPG market in Southern Africa, according to the company.

Mr. Aguele spoke on the core of his business, the cost of the facility in Saldanha and his long-term growth strategy.

Business Report also looked at his current investors, the competition within the industry and potential government funding. 

Another vital topic in the interview was job creation, particularly in the Saldanha area.