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Published Jan 29, 2023


Johannesburg – A haircut to some people may seem like a mundane grooming experience that must be endured to maintain a neat appearance, but to the men wielding the hair clippers it’s an art and an expression of their skill and creativity.

Now the founder of the popular barbershop franchise, Legends Barbershop is allowing unemployed youth to learn how to be barbers and ultimately run their own businesses.

In an effort to give back and empower the youth, Sheldon Tatchell has launched the Legends Training and Development Centre in Johannesburg, where aspirant barbers can hone their skills and learn important life skills to succeed.

Sheldon Tatchell, founder of Legends Barbershop Picture: Facebook

Tatchell recently took to Facebook to announce that the Legends Training and Development Centre has received its accreditation to train would-be barbers.

He said that receiving the accreditation would help fulfil his mission for 2023: “To ensure we reduce the unemployment rate and help local barber entrepreneurs to reach their full potential as they build great businesses.”

The graduates from the Legends Training Centre will have the opportunity to be employed in one of the many Legends Barbershops around the country.

The significance of having someone to teach the youth skills is not lost on Tatchell. He had to find creative ways to gain the knowledge that would one day culminate in his successful business.

”I learned this skill by visiting different barbers in my area to gain knowledge on how to cut hair and the different methods they use. They chased me away many times and I just returned, with a bottle of cold drink as a bribe for my next lesson. Simple as this sounds, it was the best way to learn something I love,” Tatchell continued.

Legends Barbershop has established itself as the leading barbershop in South Africa, rated by the African Hair Awards Council. It has grown its footprint outside local borders as far afield as Botswana.

Tatchell started his business cutting hair on the stoep in front of his cousin’s internet cafe in Eldorado Park, South Africa, and saw it as his vehicle out of the township.

Tatchell has paid his dues. From the stoep in front of the internet cafe he moved to his own premises, officially opening his first barbershop.

The exhilaration and joy would not last long however, as soon afterwards his business closed down after he left it in the care of his business partner while he was away on honeymoon.

He persevered and began doing house calls on his scooter, driving up to 40km to service his customer base. This element still exists in the form of a fully kitted-out mobile with all the amenities to make having a haircut a luxury experience. There is even a PlayStation and television on board.

His empire now includes hair and beard grooming products and accessories which can be found in some of South Africa’s retail chain stores.

Tatchell now looking to impart his lessons on entrepreneurship, ingenuity and perseverance can only bode well for the prospects of aspirant barbers looking to emulate his success.

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