Businesswoman Mmathabo Ndlovu is founder and owner of adult shop dubbed G Spot Adult LoveStyle Store in Soweto, Johannesburg. Image: Facebook.
JOHANNESBURG - An open-minded  businesswoman is in pole position to change the country’s hardened attitudes towards sexual wellness by opening the only adult shop in South Africa’s biggest township Soweto.

Mmathabo Ndlovu says she established the G Spot Adult LoveStyle to dispel myths around sexuality and sex, which are considered taboo subjects by some in society.

The 38-year-old married Ndlovu says she opted for the industry to open the country up to sexual wellness.

She says the focus of G-Sport is not hiring out strippers or escorts but education

“Generally, the feedback has been positive,” says Ndlovu. “I think it's something the market has been waiting for and wanting but didn't know where to look.”

Ndlovu says right conservations about sexual wellness are begin to mushroom all over the black communities.

She says even older people who have strong views about sex and sexuality generally change their attitudes once they get to understand what her business is about.

Businesswoman Mmathabo Ndlovu is founder and owner of adult shop dubbed G Spot Adult LoveStyle Store in Soweto, Johannesburg. Image: Facebook.

Ndovu states emphatically that the message she wants to spread is that it is okay for people to explore their own sexuality.

“And that should not be associated with being dirty, or being holed up in dark corners or dingy places,” she says.

“People should come out and explore their own sexuality and be educated around sexual wellness.” 

Ndlovu commends veteran actress Lillian Dube for coming out recently and admitting to owning several dildos.

“I like what mme Dube said and did. We should start saying, ‘Guys it's okay to touch your own body’.”

Ndlovu, who holds a BCom degree is fluent in many languages, including deutsche.

She says her drive is to change the adult entertainment market.

“This industry is absolutely lily white but we are going to change that. If you go to the northern suburbs you are bound to find more than one adult shop with a 5KM radius. I thought we could do that for the black community as well.”

The store’s product range include sexy lingerie, lubricants, aphrodisiacs, DVDs and magazines, erotic dolls and dildos, among others. The store also offers venue hire for intimate events.

Ndlovu says one of the things that she is passionate about is the feedback she gets from customers as it helps them to improve customer experience.

“The customer experience is what I keep humping on more than selling dildos,” she says. “I want to teach people the difference between a brothel and an adult shop like this.” 

She says her mentor, Patrick Meyer, one of the directors at adult store LuvLand, has been with her throughout the journey.

Ndlovu says without Meyer the journey would have been harder. “He constantly checks up on me. I mean I’m a direct competitor but he is helping me along the journey. I must note that he is helping me in his own personal capacity,” says Ndlovu who has travelled extensively across Africa, Europe and Asia.

She says she has a growth plan in mind and that one of the immediate things to tick off the bucket list to launch an online store. 

“My aim is to target the township market.” However she says her ultimate plan is to partner with like-minded stakeholders to craft a message that people can relate to around the issue of sexual wellness. 

“I'm servicing a need that's been there. There's a need for what I'm offering and I will run with it.”