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Sunday, June 26, 2022

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Meet this fitness junkie who is using his muscle to fight Covid-19

Sandesh Moothee Ram. Supplied

Sandesh Moothee Ram. Supplied

Published May 1, 2021


By Latashia Naidoo

The Covid-19 pandemic, coupled with lockdown restrictions, has wreaked havoc on the fitness industry.

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But one nutrition and exercise expert is changing all that – by fighting back with fitness.

Through innovation and working across multiple platforms to curb the effects of Covid-19 on a person’s health, Durban-based fitness guru, Sandesh Moothee Ram, aged 34 has made it his mission to help people cultivate better relationships with food, exercise, and their bodies.

In recent months, the closure of gyms and fitness centres across the country has seen once-active gym goers taking a health hiatus due to a lack of available resources. But with over a decade’s experience and certifications in the fitness industry, Moothee Ram’s approach to tackling the Covid-19 pandemic head on is by helping clients through a variety of interventions that don’t always include having to go to a gym, all while enhancing their lifestyles in a healthier way.

Moothee Ram’s journey into the world of fitness started 12 years ago, when he began selling sports supplements from the boot of his car.

Fast forward to today, and he’s since helped dozens of people with becoming better versions of themselves through specialised personal training solutions, and the addition of sports supplements through his outlet, Gym Junkie.

According to Moothee Ram: “With restricted movements through lockdown and a dramatic decrease in individuals’ abilities to get to gyms, I decided to establish a number of online platforms to help clients get and stay fit, and to ensure they had the tools necessary to do so at their disposal.”

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Through his online coaching site, Alpha 365 Online, Moothee Ram curates tailor-made solutions for clients to ensure their long-term sustainable health. But it’s his newest venture, MisFIT, which looks to be his most rewarding. Focused entirely on women empowerment, the soon-to-be-launched platform caters to women of all ages, shapes and sizes.

“The Covid-19 pandemic saw an increase in women abuse and incidences of GBV. I decided to empower women by teaching them how to physically fight back. My goal is to also help women to be more self-confident with their appearance and within, especially in male-dominated environments,” Moothee Ram said.

“Fitness is a passion of mine and ensuring every individual attains physical excellence and mental strength is what I strive for daily. It is never a day at work for me, and money is a byproduct in my journey to uplift society.”

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Moothee Ram credits his strong sports upbringing as a child with the success he’s attained in his career today. He’s excelled provincially and at national level in both cricket and rugby, and within the competitive bodybuilding arena. “I encourage all parents to ensure their kids are involved in sports from a young age as the sports field is a great leveler and humbles everybody. Your work ethic and desire to succeed are the only things that matter,” Moothee Ram said.

His future goals include uplifting disadvantaged sportsmen by empowering them with the knowledge of nutrition and exercise and conditioning for their applied sport to further their sporting careers – in spite of any financial shortcomings they may have. His advice to would-be entrepreneurs looking to break into the fitness industry is: “Provide an irreplaceable service offered from true passion for the betterment of your clients health and wellbeing.”


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