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JOHANNESBURG - Eskom spokesperson Khulu Pasiwe addressed reports of an investigation around the alleged kick backs of South African SOE's

This comes after media reports surfaced on Thursday that German software company SAP had allegedly admitted to paying a kick-back to secure a lucrative contract with state owned enterprises (SOEs).

The German company allegedly revealed to US authorities that they paid a 10% commission to a Gupta-linked company to secure a R100 million contract with South African SOEs. An investigation led by US authorities is reportedly underway.

"All of us should welcome any investigation into these allegations around state-capture and the capture of state owned companies."

He further said that the act of any individual bringing forth any evidence on will help both the country as well as Eskom, in order to "escalate ourselves from this stigma.

When asked if Eskom would support the investigation, Pasiwe said that Eskom not only supports but welcomes the investigation by any authority, saying it would enable transparency and to "get to the bottom of allegations of state capture.

When asked about the possible outcome of the investigation, Pasiwe said that the power utility would take action against any of it's employees found guilty of any wrong doing. "We're not just taking, we have actually done it, we have four people now who are currently on suspension and being investigated."

"If there is anyone of our senior managers, if anyone from Eskom is involved then clearly action will be taken against them," Pasiwe said.

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