Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan has been informed that he is not at risk of being arrested. File picture: Nic Bothma


Durban - Will Minister of Finance Pravin Gordhan fire up the optimism of the nation with a stirring Budget speech on Wednesday?

After all, his star sign is Aries and, by nature, people aligned to this zodiac sign are known to be optimistic, enthusiastic, courageous and most important, generous.

While it is difficult to predict what the minister will announce, is it in his stars for him to deliver good news?

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Professor Velaphi Mkhize, a Pietermaritzburg-based sangoma said: “South Africans can put their complete trust in Gordhan’s speech, it will be an honest one.

“With President’s Jacob Zuma’s credibility in question and this being his last term in office, Zuma is going to urge Gordhan to do the best for us.”

However, Mkhize is expecting Gordhan to curb wasteful government spending so the money can be used elsewhere. He predicts an increase in taxes on luxury items.

“The minister will attempt to woo companies into being more profitable and co-operating with the government by dangling tax relief,” he said.

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Cape Town astrologist Rod Suskin, who specialises in politics, confirmed the trustworthy nature of the minister.

“Gordhan will tell it like it is and do what he says he will do… We can certainly trust him and believe that he is telling us the truth” said Suskin.

Astrologist Richard Fidler said clearing the murky corners of South Africa’s financial situation wouldn’t happen overnight, because much was veiled and disorganised and it suited some to keep it that way.

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“There should be some positive news about job creation, taxation and social benefits.

“I believe the country’s international standing will improve significantly after mid 2017.

“If there’s anything to question in Gordhan’s Budget speech its not his honesty and integrity,” Fiddler said.

Mahesh Bang, astrologer and Tribune columnist said: “The financial state of the country will enjoy fruitful results while it is in Gordhan’s hands, but it will happen after he makes some tough decisions.”

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