Image: Hello Kitty wine is now available to all fans.
Image: Hello Kitty wine is now available to all fans.

TOKYO - Sanria, the company behind the famous pop animated icon Hello Kitty has partnered with Italian-based Torti Winery to create a Hello Kitty wine range. 

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Hello Kitty, usually targets a much younger audience, will be taking another direction with this wine range. 

Sanrio and Torti have been busy with the wine since 2007 but has only recently been bringing the wines to an international scale by bringing it to America.

Fans can take their pick from a wide range of wines, each of which come in a uniquely-designed bottle.

You have a selection of the following wines:

1. pinot noir, a “sweet pink” blend, 

2. sparkling rosé, pinot nero vinified in white and 

3. a limited edition sparkling rosé 

The price per bottle starts at $24.50 but you can also purchase and entire collection for under $150. However, It is only available in the US or Online and you are only allowed to buy a minimum of two bottles at a time. 

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