South African rapper Jack Parow launched his own brandy this week.
Cape Town – Rapper Jack Parow doesn’t hide the fact that he enjoys a good brandy and coke.

Parow has been working behind the scenes over the last few months developing his own brandy.

And this week the rapper was finally able to announce to the world the release of his very own brandy, aptly named Parow Brandy.

As from mid-January, Parow’s 3-year old Pot Still Brandy will be available at selected bars and restaurants.

Parow said he was thrilled to have released his own brandy.

“When I was a kid I never even thought I would be able to make music for a living, let alone have a brandy, so it’s still a bit unreal to me that I actually have one now,” he said.

And it’s not just any brandy, said the rapper.

“It’s a proper 3-year pot stilled brandy.

“And this I promise you, taste it, you will agree, its blêrrie next level.”

Parow’s love for brandy goes all the way back to his high school years, he said.

“Brandy was the first thing I ever drank as a laaitie behind the school hall.”

The rapper said his aim was to create a brandy that would be enjoyed by all South Africans.

Saturday Star