File picture: Philimon Bulawayo
DURBAN - During the festive period, there will be many temptations to over-spend. With your family visiting for the holidays sometimes the budget goes out the window. 

These helpful tips will ensure that you will have enough money to spend during the festive period. 

Here are some of the ways you can save during Christmas:

1. Budget

Plan a budget that leaves a lot of leg room for extra spending during the festive period. Cut down on the extra dish that you were going to prepare and save the money that you were going to use for that dish. 

2. Cook at home

Cooking your Christmas food and baking your own Christmas cake can help you save the money you were going to use to buy the Christmas cake from the store. 

3. Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a great idea of gift giving during the Christmas period. You can do this with your family members or your colleagues at work. This can help cut down on the spending that you were going to buying multiple presents. 

4. Carpool with your family

If you are going somewhere with your family, rather go with one car if you all can fit. You will the save money that you would have been using to fill petrol.

5. Stay at home

Many families chose to go away for the holidays and the Christmas period. Holiday homes will be really expensive during this peak season. Rather stay at home and spend the holidays in the comfort of your own home.