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INDIA - Bloomberg reports that India's Youth will be the World's Future by having the strongest workforce in the world. 

Half of India's population are millennials, under the age of 25 whereas two-thirds of the country's population is below the age of 35. 

India's workforce is expected to increase to a billion people between the ages of 16 and 54. 

The workforce is expected to derive from North India where Uttar Pradesh has a fertility rate of nearly 3 whilst its neighbouring state, Bihar boasts a fertility rate of 3.3. Taking into account Bihar's already 100 million population, the state is expected to contribute generously to the establishment of a leading workforce. 

India's current demographic transition is occurring on a large scale. 

Compared to China's generation mainly in their 50's who have removed their country from poverty to middle-status income, India's population in their 20's are expected to do the same. 

Comparing China vs. India population pyramids via @VisualCap pic.twitter.com/xa4ZLoJSPY

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Similarly, South Africa's increasing workforce have been trained and prepared for the workplace by Workforce Holdings this year. Independent Online reported in March that diversified services company, Workforce Holdings have trained nearly 15 000 individuals in preparation for the workplace. 

The group provides a number of work-related services including temporary as well as permanent recruitment. 1 100 permanent staff are employed by Workforce Holdings and the company has 32 000 temporary contractors weekly. 

Workforce Holdings is also listed on the AltX board of the JSE. 

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