London named the top innovative city in the world.

CAPE TOWN - Innovation is important and the common goal of every country is to stay competitive without putting the livelihood of its citizens in harm. 

As Albert Einstein said that “we cannot solve the problem with the same thinking we used when we created them”. Reads very amateurish please rework

According to the Innovative Cities Program by 2thinknow, a data agency company these are the top 10 most innovative cities in the world:

The consultancy company explained that the index was designed to help determine which cities are the best places for investment. 

However, they pointed out that the results are relative and some cities are a better fit based on the individual other than the overall rankings.

London was given the crown as the world’s most innovative city in 2016-2017 in the 10th annual Innovation Cities Index, overtaking New York and Tokyo. 

Previous winner Silicon Valley San Francisco fell to 4th place this year. 

When deciding on the top 10 list it is ranked highly on economic and social innovation.

 2thinknow analysts take a look at 162 Indictors used to collect data from the different cities when decind which city is the most innovative. 

These terms best describe the 162 indicators that determine the ratings: 

1. Cultural Assets:

 Can be described as the sources of ideas (e.g. designers, art galleries, sports, museums, dance, nature, etc)

2. Human Infrastructure:

 The different types of infrastructure used to implement innovation (transport, universities, business, venture capital, office space, government, technology) 

3. Networked Markets: 

Entities that have basic conditions and connections for innovation (location, military, economies etc)

4. Nexus: 

A city at the top few % globally. A series of connections of multiple economic and social innovation ideas used accross multiple industries. 

5. Hub Cities: 

 These are based on current global trends. Cities that dominate or have influence on economic and social innovation. 

6. Node Cities: 

Cities that are globally competitive with outstanding performances across many innovation segments.

7. Upstart

Cities that are not quite globally competitive yet, but with broad improvement across multiple indicators can achieve Node Status.

 Improvements need to be made in a variety of indicators, improving the cities innovation potential and economic opportunity if it wants to be a node city.