An occupant watches television inside a subdivided residential unit, known as a "coffin home", located inside a building in Hong Kong, China. Photographer: Paul Yeung/Bloomberg
INTERNATIONAL - China’s government plans to outlaw foreign TV shows in prime time and to limit imported content in fast-growing streaming platforms.

The rules released Sept. 20 extend restrictions that have for years narrowed access to non-Chinese programming to curb what officials have characterized as negative influences on viewers. The National Radio and Television Administration proposal will also limit air time for foreign content and cap the participation of talent from outside the country.

The government has sought to limit foreign TV programs as President Xi Jinping deepens the state’s control of media and seeks to make it easier for Chinese content producers to compete. Under the new rules, foreign content would be limited to 30 percent of that available on streaming platforms as well.

The new restrictions, available for public consultation until Oct. 20, also prohibit foreign talent, including writers, directors, actors and other crew, from comprising more than one-fifth of total talent in a Chinese TV drama. Also, the director and writer cannot both be foreigners in a TV show; the leading actor and actress cannot both be foreigners.

The limit of foreign talent doesn’t apply to films, which are regulated separately by the Publicity Department of the Communist Party’s Central Committee.