THE ONE-CHILD policy in China can lead to an intense relationship between parents and offspring.

This can make it difficult for parents to cut ties when their children move hundreds of kilometres away to start university.

So when term starts, children are not only personally delivered to their new university by their proud parents, but they often stay on for a few days to make sure their offspring have a friendly face to hand as they start their new lives as students.

Many are from poor families who cannot afford the inflated hotel prices during the start of university term, and with the struggle to pay costs associated with sending their children to further education, a room is a luxury many are prepared to do without.

As a result universities have now been increasingly turning some of the buildings over to parents who want to stay around for the first few days of their children’s new life.

The gymnasium at the Shenyang Aerospace University in the city of Shenyang in Liaoning, north-eastern China, was on Monday made available to 400 parents who were also given straw mats to sleep on so that they can have an extended farewell with their children.

The gesture was praised by students and other people on the Chinese social media website Weibo, although many other universities around the country are also offering the same service. – Daily Mail