Photo: (AP Photo/Michael Liedtke)
SAN FRANCISCO –  Google will make a new investment of more than $13 billion (R181bn) in data centres across the United States in 2019, Google chief executive Sundar Pichai said Wednesday. 

Pichai said the new investment is expected to allow the company to hire tens of thousands of workers and create more than 10,000 new construction jobs in many states including Nebraska, Nevada, Ohio, Texas and Oklahoma, Pichai said. 

With the new funding, Google will "have a home in 24 total states, including data centres in 13 communities," Pichai said. Google has been pushing for more cloud customers in the race against its top rivals, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure service. 

Pichai called 2019 the second year in a row that Google will be growing faster outside of the San Francisco Bay Area. The company will continue to expand its presence in Chicago while opening new data centres in the Midwest states of Ohio and Nebraska. Google will soon launch its first data centre in Nevada state in the western part of the country, Pichai said.