A Texas millionaire’s dogs are so pampered they have their own $45 (R485) per hour social media consultant churning out their personal blog posts.

Auto recycling tycoon Ron Sturgeon loves his Cavalier King Charles spaniels Willy, Dixie and Lance so much he pays for the world to see their thoughts on Facebook, Twitter and a personal blog. But that’s just the start of their pampering. Sturgeon’s love runs so deep he has said he might stiff his family and will his $75 million fortune to his dogs.

Josh Davis is the lucky Fort Worth tech entrepreneur tasked with maintaining the furry online presence of Willie, Dixie and Lance as they lead the good life.

He revealed to BetaBeat, a news site, what he does for the dogs. “I spend anywhere from four to eight hours per week managing the dogs’ blog and various networks,” said Davis, who also runs a web design firm Made in Fort Worth. “I’m paid $45 per hour.”

Davis has used his expertise to gain a following of 23 000 for the dogs’ Facebook page, called Spoiled Cavaliers. They have their own blog, a Twitter account and an Instagram account on the way.

Davis posts pictures of the pooches posed in funny scenarios such as all sitting in the driver’s seat of one of Sturgeon’s Ferraris.

The dogs may soon get more media exposure. A show called Goin’ to the Dogs about Sturgeon, his wacky family and, of course his dogs, is being pitched to various TV networks. – Daily Mail