DO YOU ever wish you could tell someone what you really think of them, but would rather not deal with the consequences?

Meet Leak, a new website that enables you to send anonymous e-mails to friends, co-workers, or whoever it is you might wish to unload on – without having to input your e-mail address.

It’s free, requires no sign-up, and is dangerously easy to try out.

“Leak lets you be yourself and share without judgment,” the website reads. “From silly nothings to sincere sentiments, speak freely.”

Anonymous leaks published on the company’s website include: “We’re officially enemies but I wanted to say that you did a great job on our last project.”

And: “I’d like to ask you to go out with me but I am afraid you’ll make fun of me.”

Other leaks aren’t quite so complimentary.

“I am just hanging out with you because you know a lot of people. That’s it,” reads one.

“I think you’re so sexy, even if you’re fat,” reads another jibe.

Users can only be busted if they are using Leak to conduct illegal activity, in which case your leaks – and your identity – can be handed over to law enforcement.

And while Leak advises against bullying, harassing or posting “hate speech”, it certainly has the potential to become a playground for internet trolls.

Studies demonstrate that anonymity leads people to behave less ethically and with fewer inhibitions than usual. – Daily Mail