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INTERNATIONAL – Namibia is struggling to cope with the unemployment among the youth because most of them are not educated and lack the basic skills needed by industries, a senior official said on Monday.

Minister of Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Creation, Erkki Nghimtina said Namibia needs to find ways of decisively dealing with unemployment through growing the economy and adopting a fourth generation economy.

He said the unemployment rate currently at 28 percent has affected the most vulnerable groups in the country. 

"Unemployment has grown because of a failure by different stakeholders in finding solutions. Namibia needs to put employment creation at the center of its national policies, create investment incentives and also conjure up public-private partnership," he said.

He said Namibia needs to support local enterprise development, lure investment as well as coordinate all sectors including government, labour associations as well as educational institutions if the country is to create more jobs.