A schoolboy in the UK has forced Tesco to admit it made a mistake on the label of its orange juice after he noticed an embarrassing grammatical blunder.

Albert Gifford, 15, was enjoying his breakfast at home in Somerset when he saw that his carton of juice boasted it was made with the “most tastiest” oranges.

He wrote to the supermarket giant to complain, suggesting they change the wording to “tastiest” or “most tasty” – and they have agreed to correct the packaging.

Albert saw the mistake on the £1 (R18) carton of orange juice one morning last month.

The label read: “Only the best quality fruit makes the grade for our juices. We squeeze or press it only when it’s perfectly ripe and at its most tastiest.”

In his anger at the use of redundant language, Albert marched to his local branch of Tesco to confront the management – but decided it might be more prudent to write to the company instead.

Albert also sent a letter to his local newspaper, saying: “I am writing concerning an issue I have had with the very popular supermarket chain, Tesco.

“There is a grammatical error on one of their products, and this has affected me greatly.

“I was so astonished by this error – especially as Tesco is such a large company – that I almost started pouring the orange juice on to my Weetabix.”

He said he saw fit to take the issue up with Tesco. – Daily Mail