A US exchange student in Germany managed to get himself stuck in a 33 ton campus art sculpture of a giant stone vagina.

Photos of the unnamed student in the embarrassing predicament showed up on Imgur, posted by Erick Guzman, his supposed friend. The caption under the first photo reads: “I was there!!! He just wanted to take a funny picture.”

In the midst of the joke, the student’s legs became wedged into a narrow part at the base of the figure.

Guzman also wrote: “The fire department was not really amused, and he was really embarrassed. But now happy that he is 1st on reddit!” Still, there’s a request to the news to blur the student’s face because he is “uncomfortable with the attention”.

According to the BBC, the statue by Peruvian artist Fernando de la Jara has stood in front of Tübingen University Institute of Microbiology and Virology since 2001.

News.com.au reported that five emergency vehicles arrived with 22 firefighters and managed to free the student without machinery. The $163 000 (R1.7 million) sculpture titled, Pi-Chacan, or “making love” in a Peruvian Indian dialect, was undamaged.

Tübingen’s mayor said: “Even when considering the most extreme adolescent fantasies, I couldn’t really imagine how the accident could happen. To reward such a masterly achievement with the use of 22 firefighters almost pains my soul.” – AP