The Headquarters, of The Bank of Tanzania in Kivukoni, Dar es salaam. Photo by: Muhammad Mahdi Karim.
INTERNATIONAL - Tanzania's statistics watchdog said on Wednesday it was undertaking a nation-wide survey aimed at assessing the capacity of the informal sector toward its contribution to the national economy.

"The first phase of the survey is already going on in Dar es Salaam region and the second phase will be done later in other regions," said Opiyo Mamu, a senior statistician with the National Bureau of Statistics.

Mamu told a statistical awareness workshop for editors and journalists in the capital Dodoma that the data collection and analysis for the first phase will finish at the end of this month and the report will be ready next month.

The official said the survey was using modern technology in data collection and analysis to capture respondents' information including places of abode and business premises.

He said the outcome of the ongoing Informal Sector Survey 2019 will help policymakers make key development decisions. Mamu said the report will inform the government on how to develop the informal sector as well as how to tax small traders.