Waiter suspended for snapping pictures with Van Persie

By Time of article published Jul 30, 2014

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A WAITER in Barbados has been suspended from his job for two weeks for taking a pictures with footballer Robin van Persie.

Kyson Forde was working at celebrity hangout The Cliff Restaurant on the Caribbean island when he spied his Manchester United hero and asked him for a photo.

While Van Persie happily agreed, Forde has since been suspended for using his cellphone in the dining area.

A fellow worker was also given the harsh punishment for snapping the picture of the footballer and his waiter.

Van Persie was in Barbados for a week-long holiday with his wife Bouchra and two children, Shaqueel, eight, and Dina, five.

A source said that Forde had worked at the restaurant for four years and had seen plenty of stars but could not resist asking for the photo when he spotted his footballing hero.

“Maybe Kyson shouldn’t have bothered Van Persie when he was out for a meal, but it seems an overreaction,” the source said.

“Kyson is a massive Man U fan and this was his one chance to get a snap with his hero.”

Manager Peter Harris confirmed two workers had been suspended for two weeks.

He told a Barbados newspaper: “Mr Van Persie sent us a note today saying he had a wonderful time with us.” – DailyMail

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