New York is the most expensive location in the world for business travel Photo: Facebook
DURBAN - New York is the most expensive location for in the world for business travel according to research published by consulting firm ECA International.

According to research done by Daily Rates a usual trip to New York would cost an average of $739 (R9508,07) per day.

Simon Franklin the Daily Rates Manager at ECA International said that New York ranks number one because of the high cost of hotels and travel as well as the compulsory 15-20% tipping policies during meals out.

According to Franklin, a high demand for hotels means that rates can be charged at a premium, and this is shown in the average cost of a stay at a four-star hotel which presently sits at $509 (R6102,91).

The information from Daily Rates is used by companies to decide the daily expenses allowance for staff who travel for business.

Geneva is in second place on the list where the average business trip will cost $720 (R8632,8). Zurich, another Swiss city ranks in third place.

According to Franklin Swiss, cities have always been expensive locations for business travel.

Location 2017 ranking 2016 ranking
New York, USA 1 1
Geneva, Switzerland 2 2
Zurich, Switzerland 3 3
Luanda, Angola 4 4
Bridgetown, Barbados 4 4
Paris, France 6 10
Nassau, Bahamas 7 6
Washington DC, USA 8 7
Basel, Switzerland 9 12
Monaco 10 16