Zambian Breweries.

CAPE TOWN - Zambian Breweries on Tuesday said it has set out its dream of bringing people together for a better society by supporting a series of music, culture and sport events throughout the coming year.

The company’s head of marketing Sibajene Munkombwe said: “As Zambian Breweries, we embrace our rich culture and we want to market it to the world through the Mosi Day of Thunder.”

He added that Zambian Breweries valued sport because it helped achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 17, which seeks to revitalise the global partnership for sustainable development.

“Zambian Breweries values sports. This is why we are actively preparing for our forthcoming Castle 5-a-side tournament,” he said.

Zambian Breweries corporate affairs director Ezekiel Sekele said that partnership with the media helped in explaining the company’s sustainable development agenda. This included the company’s role in agriculture and value addition, job creation through entrepreneurship, tax contribution towards the national treasury, responsible alcohol consumption campaigns and above all investments into plant and equipment.

Image: Supplied by Zambian Breweries

Sekele also explained that the company had in place internal processes to promote safe driving and responsible drinking.

“The company has set up an internal Sales and Marketing Compliance Committee that oversees the manner of undertaking sales, marketing and advertising of the company’s beverages. The committee reviews all promotional and social-marketing campaigns before they are released onto the market. An external and independent medical professional is the chairperson of the committee,” he said.

- African News Agency (ANA)