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CAPE TOWN - Why do some people have all the luck? As the holidays are in full swing we take a look at the lucky few who never have to deal with getting approved leave or budgeting their time off.

Take a look at some of the jobs with the longest paid holidays. 

Reality TV judges 

Reality television judges enjoy 30 weeks of paid holiday per year. Their job entails conducting auditions and thereafter, they enjoy 14 weeks of holiday. At times, these judges are even required to go on holiday as part of their ‘judging’. Some popular reality tv shows include Strictly Come Dancing, The Voice and America’s Got Talent. 


According to the Parliamentary Programme for 2018, member Parliament in South Africa enjoy approximately 3 weeks of paid leave per year. The first leave period being January 2-5 and the second leave period is December 18 to January 2019. In-between this, members of Parliament are also relieved from Parliament, by engaging in Constituency work. Constituency work involves employees to be present at campaigns and conferences.

The Constituency periods are from January 8-22 and September 25 to October 8. 

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Footballers enjoy a good 6 months of holiday per year. This allows scope for plenty of other jobs opportunities and campaigns in between. At times, however, footballers may be expected to play ‘friendlies’ for their country or during holiday periods. Footballers are also required to work over Christmas. One thing to bear in mind is that a footballers working career is relatively short. 

According to Premier Soccer League fixtures for South Africa, football season kicks off in December 2017 and carriers on to May 2018. 


Teachers in South Africa enjoy an even spread of paid holidays per year which amounts to a total of approximately 11 weeks. 

Their holiday is during summer, Easter and Christmas. There is also extra weeks in between during the main working periods. Considering that a teacher's holiday coincides with school holidays, holiday trips are expensive during this period.However, the upside of being a teacher is finishing work no later than 5 pm. 

The 2018 South African Government school term consists of four terms. Term 1 is from 17 January to 28 March, term 2 is from 10 April to 22 June, term 3 is from 17 July to 28 September and term 4 is from 9 October to 12 December. 

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