Picture: Pixabay

JAPAN - In Japan, caring for pets goes beyond the grave. At Pet Rainbow Fiesta, a pet funeral expo, held  in Tokyo yesterday, visitors were given a host of options on performing rites for their dead pets, including cremation, constructing a household altar and making offerings of incense.

The basic funeral service fee starts from ¥95800 yen (R11 331) for a one-kilogram hamster or bird. But this can escalate, and it can go up to ¥114800 for a 20kg dog, according to funeral services company Kokolone.

A flower altar can be added for ¥30 000 or pet owners can hire the services of a violinist or pianist to add sombre music.

The funeral rituals underscore a Japanese belief that spirits need to be pacified - even if that comes at a tidy cost for your pet.