File image: Reuters

South African maize futures lifted for the eighth straight session on Thursday‚ on the back of stronger maize prices on the Chicago Board of Trade.

“Locally the traders are probably squaring up positions ahead of tomorrow’s US department of agriculture’s monthly crop report‚” a local trader said.

The near-dated July white maize contract was up R43.60 at R2‚217.60 a ton‚ September white maize gained R37.60 to R2‚226.20 a ton and December white maize rose R39.60 to R2‚324.60 a ton‚ according to preliminary I-Net Bridge data.

The near-dated July yellow maize contract gained R45 to R2‚200 a ton‚ the September yellow maize contract climbed R51 to R2‚239 a ton and the December yellow maize contract added R43.00 to R2‚290 a ton.

The July wheat contract added R98 to R3‚190 a ton‚ September wheat rose R93 to R3‚248 a ton and the December wheat contract gained R88 to R3‚170 a ton. - I-Net Bridge