Image: The Homio App will soon be available in SA.

CAPE TOWN - When a home emergency occurs, such as a burst geyser, flooding or an electrical problem, most people reach for their phone to search for the contact number of the nearest emergency provider to help them out quickly. 

Europ Assistance South Africa (EASA) has made this process much simpler and safer through the launch of its Homio app, which provides consumers with direct access to reputable and peer-reviewed service providers to assist them. 

The App will assist you whether you are facing an emergency situation or if they just need some maintenance done. This is according to Christelle Colman, CEO of EASA, who says the launch of this app is in line with EASA’s strategy to have a more digital approach and way of operating.

In order to enhance the speed and efficiency of assistance services provided to all South Africans. 

The Homio app, available on mobile phones and via a website, was originally launched to offer plumbing, electricity, painting and flooring services to consumers in Europe, explains Colman.  

“We have brought this global technology to South Africa and adapted it for our own purposes. All suppliers will undergo an audit and will be certified before being added to the platform." 

"The provision of instant access to our credible service provider network means that our clients will be confident that they can improve their customer’s experience when it comes to assistance services.” Stéphane Charbonneau, Group EVP, Home & Family Global Business Line, says that the Homio app provides a cheaper and faster service to customers with the added guarantee of good quality. 

“Consumers are more empowered as they have a wide selection of providers to make an informed decision and they are also able to select the exact time they would like the service to take place.”
The whole purpose of the app and web platform is to create customer loyalty for our clients so that they are top of mind for their customers, adds Charbonneau. Charbonneau says that the next phase is to incorporate emergency services into the app and web platform. “We want clients to download this app and in the unfortunate event of an emergency be able to request instant assistance.

 This will enable clients to download the app and link up to their service provider so there will be no need to provide policy numbers in the event of the emergency, speeding up response times drastically. 

We are launching this in Paris soon and Christelle and her team will roll this out in South Africa shortly thereafter.”
The Homio app and web platform will be ready for consumers to use in January 2018, so now is the time for those companies who want to utilise the service to get in touch to start the preparation work and launch early next year, concludes Colman.