Sibulele Siko-Shosha is the founder, creative director and TV executive producer of the Dumile Group. Photo supplied.
Sibulele Siko-Shosha is the founder, creative director and TV executive producer of the Dumile Group. Photo supplied.

Taking a break from work can help with way forward

By Time of article published Jul 31, 2021

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Sibulele Siko-Shosha

It is no secret that the pandemic has dribbled many entrepreneurs. From delayed payments, to halted projects and the existing social pressure of projecting a perception of resilience. Our cashflow projections have been compromised by the unknown abyss of pivoting. As my friends and I have been saying to each other every time we check in; kuRough, kuNyokoNyoko, kuUnattractive.

With multiple debt collection matters both in the heavily backlogged small claims and magistrate courts, our bills are rising parallel without dwindling cash injection. The hashtags and advertising campaigns are not helping. Business owners are struggling.

I have not been immune to this. Not too long ago, I found myself staring at a threat of yet another emotionally fueled social media slander threat from an emotionally fueled service provider. This would have been my second of 2021. Earlier on this year, I found myself being bullied on social media networks due to a misrepresented matter with a former employee.

The thing I learnt from this was that the most valuable part of a narrative is the one that is told first and not necessarily the truth. The second lesson that I have taken is that during a time of crisis, survival is paramount. Negotiation, compromise and finding a common ground which are the essence of entrepreneurship now have absolutely no value.

With this being my reality, my physical health was compromised, my mental wellbeing was hanging on a thread. This was not the entrepreneurship I signed up for. There was no fancy jargon for this; I was in a raw, dark and extremely painful state, but was “expected” to just carry on. I’m sharing this at the risk of overexposure; all this pressure resulted in me miscarrying my pregnancy. The walls felt as if they were caving in. I was not infected by the virus but was sure as hell affected.

I was at a crossroads. Either I continued with the façade of control or just let go. This is where I reached my F&*k it moment. Everything had to stop, I needed to breathe. I battled with the thought of creating an alternative perception of failure and weakness, but I was tired. After consulting both my personal and professional support structures, I made the decision to take a break. I had to be in a position where I look at my business not from a survivalist point of view, but a progress-influenced bird’s eye view. I knew that I would not achieve the growth I am capable of if I carry on running subsistent entities.

As soon as I made that decision, I felt so much ease and enthusiasm. I was now clear and objective in my thinking and decision making. Currently I am smack bang in my “break” and I am so excited to share my learnings with you guys over the next few weeks on this platform. My aim is to bring back the human element of entrepreneurship, while injecting boundaries and a refined methodological thinking and actioning that will catapult my businesses to greater heights. You learn the most powerful lessons from business when you are not busy.

Sibulele Siko-Shosha is the founder, creative director and TV executive producer of the Dumile Group.

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