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Ten useful ATM tips to keep your money safe

By Time of article published Dec 27, 2021

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By Lee-Anne van Zyl

THE festive season is once again upon us and this time of year is synonymous with spending as people travel for some time away or to be with their families.

Unfortunately, this period is also rife with attempts to defraud unsuspecting consumers of their hard-earned money.

At this time of year, consumers usually withdraw large sums of money for several important reasons. Some may be withdrawing cash to pay for long-distance trips via public transport or goods in areas that only accept cash.

Due to the high usage of cash, we often see a rise in ATM-related fraud, so it is important to warn and educate consumers to be vigilant.

Here are 10 ATM tips to keep your money safe this festive season:

1. Carefully read the instructions on the ATM screen before entering your PIN

2. Never force your card into the ATM or use an ATM if it looks faulty or has been tampered with

3. Do not enter your PIN if the ATM screen is unfamiliar to you -- rather, cancel the transaction

4. Never share or write down your ATM PIN, and never share it with anyone

5. When transacting, stand close to the ATM and never allow anyone to distract you

6. When entering your PIN, cover the ATM keypad with your hand as a precautionary measure

7. Avoid handling cash in public and always secure your wallet and handbag before leaving the ATM

8. Set a realistic daily limit on your cash withdrawals to protect yourself

9. Be wary of strangers that may call you back to the ATM to complete a transaction

10. FNB customers can always make safe and secure cardless cash withdrawals at FNB ATMs.

Lee-Anne van Zyl, CEO of FNB Points of Presence.

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