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Monday, August 8, 2022

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A quick guide on how to land a data engineering job

The discipline of data engineering is still in its infancy.

The discipline of data engineering is still in its infancy.

Published Jul 28, 2022


The area of data engineering is a really interesting one. You will have the opportunity to work with a wide range of fascinating data, cutting-edge technologies, and diversified teams consisting of data professionals and specialists in their respective fields.

The entirety of the discipline of data engineering is still in its infancy. The businesses require you to make well-informed decisions that are founded on the actual data and the KPIs that are derived from it.

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And if you are good at it, they are willing to pay you a fair wage for it. Let's take a look at the talents that are in high demand, the criteria that play a significant role in determining future job opportunities, and the best way to approach a technical interview.

Be sure of the basics

You should be familiar with the fundamentals of database management, data warehousing, data lakes, Big Data, and REST APIs when applying for a data engineering job.

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It would be somewhat disheartening if you were unable, during the course of your job interview, to adequately explain the 3Vs of Big Data or the features of a data warehouse. In addition, it is beneficial to have an understanding of the architectural components.

Show that you can work independently

Because of the rapid pace at which technology is advancing, it is essential that you be able to learn on your own initiative and that you are willing to study and experiment with new tools on an ongoing basis before applying for a data engineering job.

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It does not imply that you are required to follow every trend; rather, it emphasizes the necessity of maintaining an open mind.

Be sure that you are prepped for your interview

If you intend to submit an application, you should practice answering some (very simple) technical questions in advance.

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The majority of data engineering managers will ask you to design a star schema based on some situation or will ask you some coding questions such as: what are SQL window functions, generators, broadcasting, or list comprehensions in Python; what is the difference between a Docker image and a Docker container; or how would you go about creating a Docker image and running a Docker container?

And finally, have faith in yourself and maintain your self-assurance.

Focus on your additional skills

It is to your advantage to have abilities that compliment your profile in every profession you choose. The second option is one that many businesses would choose.

Employers are looking for individuals who are well-rounded and possess crucial soft skills such as project management, public speaking, recordkeeping, or persons who are excellent at moderating and organizing events.

Continuously develop your data engineering skills

Understanding the data is the most important talent you need to have in order to become a data engineer.

Take some time to thoroughly grasp what data your organization has, where it originates from, how it is collected, the ETL process (if any), what are the subtleties in the data, and other relevant information because most companies have pretty bad data documentation.

This is by far the most important factor in assisting you in creating data projects that are efficient and productive. You could already be conducting some data engineering work.

You already possess the majority of the skills need to learn the rest of the skills. Although extracurricular activities are valuable, employers place a much greater emphasis on previous work experience when making recruiting decisions.

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