Spaces, Byls Bridge. in Centurion.
Pic: Supplied.
Spaces, Byls Bridge. in Centurion. Pic: Supplied.

Gumtree – A new type of office for South Africa’s most popular classified marketplace

By Partnered Content Time of article published Mar 18, 2020

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Gumtree is a prominent international brand, and South Africa’s most popular free online  Classified Marketplace. It ranks among the top 20 largest sites in South Africa and the  largest in its category in the country. 

By 2013 it reached 18 percent of the population every  single month (Alexa, Sept 2013). With over 1 000 000 live ads, and 30 000 new ads posted  on Gumtree daily, the phrase “Put it on Gumtree” is on every South African’s lips. 

It makes  sense then, that they turned to leading global workspace providers Regus and its sister  brand, Spaces, when they were looking for the perfect place to work.
Since its local launch in 2005, Gumtree has helped millions to buy and sell everything from  toys, to cars and even homes, and has helped thousands to find their dream job. The online  platform is easy to use and navigate, practical and, put simply, it just works.

When Gumtree, with its global expertise and support started looking for office space, it was  important to find a model that was represented globally and that would grow as they did, with t he advanced technology to support their needs.
“Being internationally owned, we needed a solution to restrictive and expensive contracts  with estate agents, landlords and utility companies, arising from our global service  agreements. First Regus and then Spaces, offered us a seamless solution. The sales  process was convenient, the set-up was quick, and we had access to all the services like  meeting rooms, telephony, receptionists, copiers and cleaning we needed,” says Claire  Cobbledick, Director of Gumtree SA.

Spaces, Byls Bridge. in Centurion. Pic: Supplied.
Finding the perfect office space can be a protracted process, but for Gumtree it was  expedited by excellent recommendations from some of their affiliate companies who were  current Regus members.
This meant investigating the benefits offered by the flexible  workspace provider was at the top of their list.  Gumtree’s staff can now work from anywhere in the country or the world and can upscale  quickly and efficiently in the markets where their clients are, thus minimising their operating  costs and making flexi office space an affordable choice. 

Claire says, “Working with Regus  and Spaces has also helped us to attract and retain talented individuals looking for a flexible  working policy”. So, partnering with these brands not only makes workspace affordable and  streamlines business processes and operations, but it also meets the needs of a flexible  approach to the modern workforce.

How do they deal with day-to-day management of teams?

Claire suggests, “Companies  looking to make the move to flexible working should set parameters and expectations early  on with staff so that everyone knows how and when staff will be available to the rest of the  team.”

The continued use of the Spaces workspace for more than 5 years now, is just proof that  adaptable workspace works and meets the business needs of Gumtree – an agile online  business that continues to grow one “For Sale” ad at a time.

To find your perfect place to work go to  or


First established in 1989, Regus is one of the original pioneers of flexible workspace, helping  businesses choose a way of working that’s best for their people.
Now spanning the world with over 3,000 locations, Regus’ global network of bright, inspiring  workspaces allows modern businesses to work where, when and how they want, in a more agile  way. 

Regus provides businesses with the flexibility to grow without risk or commitment, and attracts  a diverse network of 2.5 million people, from entrepreneurs and SMEs to multi-national blue-chip  companies
Regus is an operating brand of IWG plc: the holding group for a number of leading workspace  providers. Other brands in the IWG portfolio include Spaces, HQ, No18 and Signature by Regus.


Spaces provides creative working environments with a unique entrepreneurial spirit in hundreds of  locations worldwide. Its workspaces are created to inspire the forward thinkers, innovators and  game changers to go above and beyond their goals. 
Specially designed with creativity in mind,  Spaces cultivates ideas by bringing a dynamic community of small businesses, entrepreneurs and  corporate intrapreneurs together under one roof.

Spaces is an operating brand of IWG plc: the holding group for a number of leading workspace  providers. Other brands in the IWG portfolio include Regus, Signature by Regus, HQ and No18.

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