iKhokha and Shopstar pave the way for simpler e-commerce

Nearly half of all South Africans have shopped online, according to eMarketer.

Nearly half of all South Africans have shopped online, according to eMarketer.

Published Oct 30, 2023


South Africa’s ecommerce penetration rate is growing rapidly.

Today, nearly half of all South Africans (47.7%) have shopped online, according to eMarketer.

The ecommerce market in Mzansi is also projected to reach R120 billion rand in 2023, meaning the opportunities are there for those who know how to take them.

But complicated tech and expensive tools still stand in the way of SMEs reaching for their piece of the pie.

iKhokha is changing that. With their recent integration of iK Pay Gateway into Shopstar, the fintech is on a mission to reduce costs and effort for those looking to explore the world of ecommerce.

The partnership offers several key benefits. Here are 5 compelling reasons why Shopstar clients should integrate with iKhokha:

Competitive pricing

iKhokha offers an enticing transaction rate of just 2.85%, positioning itself among the most competitive rates in the market. Plus, there are no hidden fees or binding contracts.

Seamless scalability

From startups making their first few sales to established enterprises with high transaction volumes, iKhokha’s iK Pay Gateway scales effortlessly to match your business growth.

Robust security

With top-notch encryption, 3D secure technology, and PCI compliance, iKhokha ensures every transaction is fortified against potential threats.

Enhanced customer convenience

iK Pay Gateway empowers customers by offering multiple payment methods, ensuring a customised shopping experience where customers can pay via credit card, debit card or Instant EFT.

Dedicated support

Whenever assistance is required, iKhokha's dedicated support team is ready to step in. Their reputation as the top-rated fintech on HelloPeter speaks volumes about their commitment.

"This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our ecommerce journey,” says iKhokha CEO, Matt Putman. “By integrating our platforms, we've made the process of setting up an online store and facilitating payments smoother than ever. Our goal is to continuously create opportunities, ensuring all entrepreneurs flourish in the digital realm."

Transitioning is straightforward. If you operate a Shopstar, Wix or WooCommerce website, setting iKhokha up as your payment gateway is swift, allowing you to start reaping the benefits almost immediately.

iKhokha will even assist you with the process. Chat to an iKhokha representative to help you get started.

For more details, visit www.ikhokha.com.