While no single set of techniques will solve conflicts, many ideas and methods can be adapted to suit different cultures and contexts. 
Pic: Pexels
While no single set of techniques will solve conflicts, many ideas and methods can be adapted to suit different cultures and contexts. Pic: Pexels

RACS offers a solution to conflict management

By Partnered Content Time of article published Feb 28, 2020

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We all find ourselves in the midst of conflict, whether it be at home, in our workspace or the nexus of social environments that surrounds us. But what happens when a conflict reaches its boiling point? What happens when our options for resolution become slim and our resources are limited? Even when we found ourselves at the doorsteps of some difficult circumstances, like divorce or labour disputes, do the traditional legal routes guarantee an effective transition?

In a time where courts and official dispute bodies like the CCMA have found themselves inundated with cases and the costs for legal assistance have become too high, a company like Resolve and Change Systems has swiftly stepped into the gap by offering a much needed alternative solution that will save both the court and disputing clients time and money. While there is a place for litigation, the proposal by the Rules Board for the Court of Law stating that disputing parties first enter into mediation, has positioned RACS as the perfect candidate to effectively facilitate this legal and often sensitive process.

Resolve and Change Systems (RACS) is a group of multidisciplinary, skilled professionals specialising in the resolution of people-based problems and the creation of sustainable futures. With experience in the dispute resolution field for over twenty years, the company has openly embraced changed by technologically adapting its methodologies to offer dynamic dispute resolution services including mediation, facilitated negotiation and a ground-breaking digital Conflict Analysis tool product. 

Recently, the company has launched their Out-of-Court Settlement Practice, which allows disputing parties to resolve conflict as effectively and amicably as possible within a set amount of time without having to walk through court room doors.

However, many find themselves questioning the benefits of alternative dispute resolution and what it can offer. In an adversarial and competitive  society where it is about winning and losing, RACS is committed to an alternative dispute resolution approach , which focuses on exiting dysfunctional relationships and conflicts on a win -win basis. The value of this approach, is that it strives to maintain the relationship amongst parties as the basis for further action,  decision-making and collaboration in the future. 

But how is it more time and cost-effective? With RACS, the Out-of-Court Settlement sessions are calculated at a flat rate per session and are given an ideal resolution timeline. The process consists of a consultative meeting to understand and clarify issues, followed by problem-solving engagements, which are either collaborative or via digital correspondence. The process concludes with the drafting of agreements reached between parties.

Trust RACS and its team of highly skilled professionals to deliver results that are fair, just and amicable. Contact now to book your consultation or to acquire further information at [email protected] or 021 823 7668. Alternatively, visit the website www.racs.org.za for more.

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