Sabinet introduces African Industry Reports

Published Sep 14, 2023


Sabinet, through its distribution partnership with Who Owns Whom (WOW), can now offer unparalleled insights into South African and African Industries.

Sabinet is proud to offer a new research service, African Industry Reports, through its comprehensive discovery and delivery platform, Sabinet Discover. WOW is an independent research organisation dedicated to producing exceptional, original research.

Sabinet has added value to the WOW reports by adding links to applicable South African legislation and regulations, assisting the user with actionable insights. In addition, related content links to news articles, journals, reference, and legal content extend and complement the information contained in the WOW reports. The service was launched on the 4th of September 2023.

African Industry Reports on Sabinet Discover provides access to over 690 industry insight reports for 25 industries across the continent.

These reports offer a panoramic view of the South African and African business landscape and driving forces of industries across South Africa, Angola, Botswana, Ghana, Rwanda, Ethiopia, and more. New Reports will be added regularly.

In-depth insights, informed decisions for business analysts and academic researchers

Each report provides a comprehensive understanding of a particular industry with insights spanning markets, risk management, compliance, and supply chain management. The reports outline the pertinent legal frameworks governing their respective industries, thereby establishing an indispensable resource for industry analysts, decision makers and academic researchers alike.

“This agreement aligns with our ethos of collaboration, complementing Who Owns Whom’s rich research with Sabinet’s comprehensive information services” explains Sabinet Managing Director, Rosalind Hattingh. “These reports provide invaluable insights to industry professionals seeking to stay ahead of evolving trends, to businesses looking for a comprehensive view to benchmark and inform their strategic decisions and to academics looking to gain greater insights into their research efforts.”

Moreover, these reports not only illuminate historical trends but also provide an understanding of the current landscape. The inclusion of relevant industry laws linked to the reports add an invaluable dimension for policy and decision makers, while researchers benefit from being able to search across all Sabinet Discover content including African Industry Reports.

“Sabinet has a similar long history to WOW. While we have a number of mutual subscribers, our offerings are complementary,” says WOW Managing Director Andrew McGregor. “That, and our experience of Sabinet’s consistent professionalism and our shared ethos of under promising and over delivering, highlighted the benefits our cooperation could bring to subscribers. We are proud of this association with Sabinet and look forward to a long and fruitful relationship.”

In a technologically connected era, Sabinet ensures a seamless experience for its users. The myDiscover profile, available for free, enables researchers to set up personalised alerts for new reports in their fields of interest, and to create a myBriefcase that serves as a hub for organising all relevant reports, journal articles, legislation, and news content in one accessible location.

Focusing on the five-digit Standard Industrial Classification Codes (SICC) established by Statistics South Africa (Stats SA), every report offers an industry description, industry size assessment, industry status evaluation, identification of influencing factors, competition analysis, SWOT assessment, industry outlook, and an overview of relevant industry associations.

For more information about African Industry Reports and to request a demo, please contact [email protected].

To explore the reports firsthand, visit Sabinet Discover. Kindly note that access to the record view page requires a login using your free myDiscover profile.

About Sabinet

Sabinet has long been at the forefront of providing innovative information solutions. With a focus on enriching research experiences and promoting knowledge sharing, Sabinet empowers individuals, businesses, and institutions with unparalleled access to essential resources.

About WOW

Ownership research has been a cornerstone of WOW since its inception in 1980. Company research was primarily focussed on listed companies. That changed in 2000 when the Competition Commission requested WOW to build an industry database of listed and unlisted companies to provide them with an independent source of industry landscapes when accessing approvals for merger and acquisition transactions. That database has grown to over 690 key industry reports across the African continent.