The battle of the budget smartphone

By Faheem Khota Time of article published Apr 24, 2019

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This week I got my hands on two of the top smartphones vying for the coveted prize of number one budget smartphone in 2019.

From the offset these phones are running the same operating system however on the user interface side the Huawei P30 Lite is running the EMUI 9.0 operating system and the A30 the Experience UI system.While both impressive in their own right, i feel like the Experience UI from Samsung has slightly more customization options with the Experience UI however the Emui 9.0 system on the Huawei does seem to be easier on the eyes than the A30. The Samsung A30 is also slightly bigger than the P30 Lite but this wouldn't be very noticeable as it is just by a couple of millimeters.In terms of weight, the P30 Lite is most certainly lighter, coming in at only 159 grams whereas the A30 weighs 165 grams. Then there is the issue of the dreaded screen which we have all come to fear with smartphones. 

Just how breakable is it? Well, the P30 Lite has a Aluminosilicate glass which is a glass that is “born” strong and can withstand most scratches and a decent tumble. The A30 uses the Corning Gorilla glass which seems to be quite a bit stronger, thinner and lighter than its predecessor. That being said, I could not possibly say which of the two would be stronger as that ultimately depends on the user and whether they are like me who accidentally drops keys and coins in the same pocket or puts on a screen protector immediately after purchase.

The P30 Lite has all the features that Huawei has come to be known for in recent times. The Multiple camera, the beautiful gradient back and the sleek kirin processor.

The Huawei P30 Lite runs on the EMUI 9.0 operating system.

One of the most striking things about the P30 lite is the display, It sports a full HD plus display which is very crisp, and makes the colours on the phone really pop. This is not a super amoled display but rather an IPS LCD display but you would definitely be hard pressed to find the difference as the brightness and colour saturation of the screen more than makes up for the difference.Both phones also have the dewdrop notch, with the option of switching to a fuller notifications panel.   

One of the newer additions to the Samsung A30 is the “glastic” body which is a combination of glass and plastic moulded together, which makes it not as slippery as glass but as durable as plastic which gives you the best of both worlds.The P30 Lite has a full plastic back However, both phones fingerprint magnet! So be sure to put a clear cover on it to show off that cool colour while keeping your phone fingerprint free.

Both phones have a conveniently placed fingerprint scanner which is easy to reach when using the phone single handed, the bezels on both seem to be very tiny however if we are splitting hairs I would say that the Huawei p30 Lite bezel is much thinner.

The Samsung A30 runs on the Experience UI operating system.

I think what really sets these phones apart would have to be the camera. While the a30 certainly has impressive 16 MP + 5 MP cameras which performs really well. The dynamic range, colour saturation and also works well in low light,However i found the a30 pictures tend to be slightly washed out in some conditions, The Huawei camera, is what we have come to know and love from the P-Series. The AI system on the camera works smooth and natural. This also makes images look more saturated and pleasing to the eye. This triple camera setup features a 24MP lens, an 8MP ultra wide lens and a 2MP depth sensor for bokeh purposes. This triple camera can make even the most mundane subject look like a pulitzer winning image coupled with the AI integration and OOTD will look fit for the red carpet!

All in all, I would say these are both great, value-for-money smartphones but if you are looking for a well priced phone with a camera that will keep your insta game on point then the P30 Lite is your best bet.

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