The IMM Graduate School offers degrees, diplomas, higher certificates and postgraduate qualifications.
The IMM Graduate School offers degrees, diplomas, higher certificates and postgraduate qualifications.

WATCH: Private Distance Higher Education is a promising alternative

By Brandstories Time of article published Mar 19, 2021

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Apart from the impact of Covid-19 on higher education which resulted in academics worldwide being forced to embrace remote teaching and learning, there’s a palpable demand for education that far exceeds supply.

This, according to Angela Bruwer, Executive Academic Head at the IMM Graduate School, is apparent from the recurring issue that public universities are unable to cope with the growing number of annual applicants. Private higher education providers are gaining traction in creating an alternative space offering competitive study programmes to prospective students.

Unfortunately, these days, a university degree doesn’t guarantee anything and the impression that it will automatically lead to employment is fading fast, as reports of unemployed graduates continue to surface. University qualifications that are ‘rooted in theoretical knowledge, removed from industry and pragmatism’ are attributed to this trend.

Instead, Bruwer urges students to pursue their education, through a private provider that offers relevant, work-ready, competency-based programmes. Such programmes must be grounded in critical thinking, creativity and problem solving to increase their employability.

The IMM Graduate School offers degrees, diplomas, higher certificates and postgraduate qualifications that tick all these boxes. She adds, “private providers are agile and responsive. We work closely with industry and therefore are able to respond far more quickly to the demands of business and society not hindered by the bureaucracy that may hinder public institutions.”

Technology and the trend towards online teaching and learning have also highlighted universities; challenges in keeping up with the evolution of education and the workplace. She shares, “Covid-19 has expedited the burgeoning developments in the information technology sector resulting in many predicting that the traditional contact-based university may soon be rendered obsolete and that digital-based, online universities will offer unique advantages to students.”

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Naturally, due to work obligations, travel limitations and affordability, there’s a growing demand for online learning programmes. Distance learning especially using online platforms, displaces the traditional barriers of time and place, allowing access to students who are turned away by face-to-face universities and institutions.

Many Southern African students face this problem. The inherently quicker responsiveness cycles of private distance learning institutions facilitate the Africanisation imperative.

Also, online learning provides greater flexibility to students and the ability to earn an income whilst completing their studies.

According to Bruwer, students want a world-class education and qualifications that exposes them to bigger picture thinking. And they want the flexibility to pursue their studies in their own time and at their own pace. Distance learning programmes, especially using online platforms are necessary for South Africa, and IMM Graduate School is one such option for prospective students.

“The qualifications offered by the IMM Graduate School are in-line with global trends and students are offered support both online with an interactive learning platform where they can engage with Lecturers and fellow students. In addition, students can choose to attend support centres, where they can attend tutorials, collaborate with other students and us the information centre’s facilities. These student support platforms speak directly to the needs of first-time students, aspiring professionals and those seasoned working people who want to upskill their current knowledge through recognised programmes and want to interact and study digitally, as proven by many IMM Graduate School alumni holding prestigious positions in a myriad of global industries.”

IMM Graduate School 2021 registrations close 31 March 2021.

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